An Altar of Roses Book
An Altar of Roses Book
An Altar of Roses Book
An Altar of Roses Book
An Altar of Roses Book

An Altar of Roses

Lantern Publications

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My wedding ring had Ali Agha’s aura about it. I missed it. All of a sudden, I saw him appear before me. He was standing in front of me and smiling. The sight of him made me forget my pain. I couldn’t believe it! Ali Agha was there, right in front of me! I said to him, “Ali Agha my love. Help me. Help me to be strong and not to yell out in pain. I don’t want anyone to hear my voice. Please help me!”

An Altar of Roses is the collection of memoirs of a young lady’s marriage and life with a commander and martyr of the revolutionary guards of the Islamic republic of Iran, Commander Ali Chītsāzīān. This heart touching memoir is a reflection of true faith and true love in the path of the Almighty and a rare glimpse into the mindset and moral sanctum of a Revolutionary Guard’s family that is in stark contrast with the image that is commonly portrayed in the West. 


Translated and annotated by Blake Archer Williams

Published by Lantern Publications 

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Naimal Rizwan

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A must read

Simply one of the best books I’ve read. It’s based on a true story which illustrates what love for the sake of Allah (swt) looks like. I highly recommend. And it has been translated so well masha’Allah!

Amina Al-Sharifi
Best book

This book definitely became one of my favourites. It is a beautiful story and an excellent translation.