Why Hijab Is Important
Why Hijab Is Important

But Why Is The Hijab So Special?

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About the Book

By Sahar Jaber

This book aims to answer the many questions Muslim youth have surrounding the hijab in the most comprehensive way possible. We all may have asked this particular question at one point in time, yet we may not have been provided with a sufficient answer. This book explores this question in-depth and encourages children to have the confidence to ask why? Empowering our children with information underpinning Islamic practices will cultivate their confidence while enacting these practices. It will serve as a positive drive for them to perform the task and a continual aspiration to do better.

In this book, the protagonist, Leya, finds herself conflicted when trying to understand as to why she feels the hijab is special. She realises that the hijab is an important part of being a Muslim but doesn’t quite understand why. She begins her quest to find the answer. She relies on knowledgeable and influential family members and community members to help her on her journey. In the end, she comes to understand better why Allah (swt) has bestowed Muslim women with the gift of wearing the hijab.

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Customer Reviews

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Zahra Al-Basri

Such a beautiful story with everything that I needed for my 9 year old. Very beautifully written Masha’Allah

Uswah Naqvi
My daughter loved this book

My daughter loved this book her teacher even read it, she loved it! my daughter now where’s hijab

Salma Jafri
Wonderful & inspiring

My daughter has learnt alot from the book. Full of interesting questions and explanations. She enjoyed it thoroughly and recommends it. Thank you to the author!

A great simple explanation

This book has a great simple explanation of why the hijab is important. It is a story following a girl who is about to start wearing hijab. She goes to different people asking why the hijab is important and gets her answers so that she can write her speech for her party.

It is easy to read and understand, and a great resource for mums and teachers alike.

Change cover

I have read and heard so many good things about this book but what has stopped me from buying one for my daughter is the illustration on the bookcover itself. It puts a negative idea to hijab where the girl has such a worried face. Also at the back of the book as an overview it says that the girl in the story dosent want to wear hijab until she knows more about it which gives a suggestion that this is a choice. I understand the author is talking from experience, but things have changed for the girls today. Hijab is prevalent. It is not as difficult now. I wish the good concepts regarding hijab were presented with a positive tone. If the new edition comes with a different cover page, I might purchase it.