Islamic Beliefs - Reclaiming the Narrative

By Ayatollah Khamenei
This is the much acclaimed text that is available in the English language known in Farsi as ‘Tarhe Kulliye Andisheye Islami Dar Quran’. It presents the theological views of a young Ayatollah Khamenei before the victory of the Islamic Revolution.

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Peace Be Upon Ibrahim

The Story of Shaheed Ibrahim Hadi
House of Taha is proud to make available the epic story of wisdom and sacrifice of Shaheed Ibrahim Hadi who was a martyr in the Sacred Defence during the Iran-Iraq war.

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The Compassionate Family

By Ayatollah Khamenei
From the insights of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, The Compassionate Family offers guidance to men and women on how to develop Islamic character, choose the best companion for marriage and overcome the struggles that often come with family life.

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