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Islamic Government by Imam Khomeini

Islamic Government by Imam Khomeini

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Based on the lectures of Imam Sayyid Ruhullah Khomeini, this book was first published in 1970, and is perhaps the most influential document written in modern times in support of Islamic government.

The book presents the case for a government to be run in accordance with Islamic laws, and argues that this can only happen through the leadership of an Islamic jurist, a faqīh, who must provide political "guardianship", known as wilayah, over the people. This form of theocratic governance is referred to as Wilayat Al-Faqīh.

Following the Islamic Revolution, this concept was used as a model to build the framework of Iran's Islamic government and its principles were incorporated into the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Iran.

This is a new edition of the classic book printed by AIM with improved English and presentation. 

Author: Imam Khomeini

Translator: Hamid Algar

ISBN: 9780995758933

Publication Date: 3 Jan. 2023

Cover: Paperback

Language: English

Pages: 233

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