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Islamic Values

Islamic Values

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Suitable for children aged 5-12 years.

Get ready to dive into the Holy Qur'an and explore the manners and morals of a Muslim with your little ones, with over 100 crafts and hands on activities, using materials that can be found around your home. 

From sensory fun to science experiments and more, Islamic Values offers a new and exciting approach to learning about Islam in ways that are memorable and effective drawing inspiration from Qur'anic verses and using content grounded in a child's immediate world. The activities aim to create a lasting impact on children, making them more mindful in their actions.


About the author

Islam From The Start is a visionary blog which tracks the learning journey of one creative mother and her son. 
They continue to share their journey as we strive together to raise a generation who love, learn and live the teachings of Islam. 



"This book represents an awesome amount of work and personal passion to help children learn Islamic concepts in a fun way. It's both a home and madrasa resource that will make the journey of faith learning easy on little minds!" 
Ummulbanin Merali, CEO QFatima




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