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Sun Behind the Clouds

To Be A Muslim

To Be A Muslim

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In a Western society that is rich in culture and diverse in faith, to be proud of one’s Islamic identity is paramount in representing its true ethics and morals. This book seeks to encourage young minds and hearts to strive to be sincere Muslims; follow the pillars of Islam; grasp the meaning of the Quran and Sunnah; understand their unlimited potentials, and nurture their good characters.


About the author

Zainab Merchant is a writer, journalist and mother of three, all of which have contributed to her perspective that Muslim voices are essential in the world today! She is the author of Princess Siyana’s Pen, and upcoming titles Binocular Man and Super Power Prayer - which focus on highlighting the true values of Islam and its teachings. Zainab studies Journalism and International Security at Harvard University and seeks to pursue her current passion in animation and serving under-represented voices creatively.



To my Lord, for willing this book into fruition. To the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and his family for their example that continues to guide the way. To my parents, husband and family, for their unrequited support. To my publisher Tehseen, for her determination and brilliance. To my late father Abbas Parpia whose passing has inspired me towards goodness, and to all who have followed and encouraged my work, you are the true stars.





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