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Woman in Islam by Shaheed Murtada Mutahhari

Woman in Islam by Shaheed Murtada Mutahhari

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Woman in Islam is a summary of Woman and Her Rights in Islam written by the great Muslim thinker and reformer, Ayatullah Murtada Mutahhari. This abridged version deals with the core theological foundations of the arguments many have levelled against Islam with regards to the position and status of women, dispelling much of the vile commentary of the west and east alike in an eloquent manner. In this book he analyses the nature of the family system and it’s position in society, as well as its two basic elements. The reader will find this abridged version in a useful and insightful look at the real status of women in Islam. 

Ayatollah Shaheed Murtada Muttahari (1919-1979): Was one of the genius thinkers, philosophers and theologians of the modern time. His contributions in the areas of theology and philosophy have shaped contemporary Shi’a and indeed muslim thinking. He consistently advocated and stood for the independence of Islamic thought, one not tainted with western or eastern ideologies. 

Author: Murtada Mutahhari

Translator: MA Ansari

ISBN: 9781911361039

Publication Date: 2021

Cover: Paperback

Language: English

Pages: 144

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