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The Muhammadi Trust

A Manual of Islamic Beliefs and Practice (Vol 1&2) Paperback

A Manual of Islamic Beliefs and Practice (Vol 1&2) Paperback

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This is a two volume work. It is the translation of selected parts of the famous Urdu book Tohfat al-Awwam. It covers a vast range of subjects connected with the essentials of belief and practice, and provides practical guidance on issues and questions of everyday life in the contemporary world. It is a must for all Muslims who do not have access to the Urdu language, and will be of great interest to all students of Islam in its lived reality.

Author: Ali Muhammad Naqvi & Kalbe Sadiq Naqavi

ISBN: 0 946079 81 1 & 0 946079 96

Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Muhammadi Trust

Edited by: John Cooper

First Published: 1990 & 1992

Size: 154mm x 234mm

Pages: 272 & 424

Weight: 0.7 Kg & 0.9 Kg




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