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A Treatise On The Principles Of Shi’ah Theology

A Treatise On The Principles Of Shi’ah Theology

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We find that the world in which we live in today and the speed at which it is travelling, religion and faith are almost of secondary importance, as the people, especially the youth are too busy on Facebook and Twitter. If only time was spent in those places where it needs to be spent, We would not be in the difficulties We are in today.

Muslims who are born in western countries or limited to the English language argue by saying “How can we learn about religion when there is hardly anything in English for us to read?” which to an extent is acceptable but not a good enough excuse not to practice religious teachings.

In an attempt to fill this crack, We critically edited and annotated this book so the vast audience of English readers can make use of such great writings.

The book in hand, is the translation of Al-Bab-Al-Hadi ‘Ashar, a treatise on theological beliefs that was written by the eminent ‘Allamat-al-Hilli and later commentated on by the eminent al-Fadhil-al-Miqdad.

Although small and concise, the book covers essential parts of religious beliefs and discusses them in a plain and simple manner. Until today it is taught as a textbook within Islamic schools as an introduction to theology and beliefs.

From the time it was written until today it is considered one of the best books on this subjects. It consists of an introduction and seven chapters, in which the proofs for the self-existence of the Almighty and the beliefs of the return have all been discussed. It is important to take note, this book is not only for Muslims, as we invite people of different religions and walks of life to read and for themselves understand what the beliefs of the Shi’as are. 

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