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An Introduction to Islamic Philosophy: Based on the Works of Murtada Mutahhari

An Introduction to Islamic Philosophy: Based on the Works of Murtada Mutahhari

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An introduction to Islamic Philosophy introduces the major subjects of discussion in Islamic philosophy through material adapted from lectures and papers presented by the late Murtada Mutahari, who was renowned for his ability to present complex philosophical subjects in an easily understandable manner. Existence, being, and nonbeing primarily feature in the first section of the book; this section includes the classic ideas of Avicenna, Suhrawardi, Mulla Sadra, and Sabzivari on the nature of existence. Other major topics include knowledge and perception, concepts, causality, and change. This comprehensive introduction to Islamic philosophy concludes with a discussion of questions related to the Divine attributes, essence, and deeds, such as the problem of evil and the question of predestination. In addition to lucid explanations of these topics, the Arabic technical terminology traditionally employed in discussions of Islamic philosophy is also presented, thus facilitating further study in this subject area. This much-awaited volume is particularly ideal for undergraduate or postgraduate courses on philosophy and for those who wish to acquire a broader understanding of Islamic philosophy or the Islamic heritage.


Abd al-Rassul Obudiyyat studied at Sharif University of Technology in Tehran and also received a seminary education in Qom, Iran. His primary field of interest is Islamic philosophy – a field in which he has published a number of books and articles in Persian.

Author: Abd al-Rasūl ʿUbūdīyat


ISBN: 978-1907905049

Publication Date: October 2012

Cover: Hardcover

Language: English

Pages: 296

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