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Between Baghdad and the World

Between Baghdad and the World

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A novel about the struggle of Iraqis in exile. 

Based on tragically true events, Between Baghdad and the World is a gripping account of the life of an Iraqi exile. Dunya, a young girl born into a wealthy family, led a seemingly fulfilled life in 1970s Baghdad. Yet fate had other plans for her when her eldest brother, Basim, joined the Islamic Iraqi resistance against the tyrannous Ba’ath regime. After her family falls under the watchful eye of the regime, they are forcefully deported to Iran, in 1980, where war soon begins.

This book tells the intimate story of the struggles many Iraqis, like Dunya, faced as they fought unyieldingly to rebuild their lives as refugees. Clinging onto the love of Islam and the love of a homeland, Dunya triumphed against the odds to create a new life out of ashes.

Author: Hanan Jiyad


ISBN: 9781527284272

Publication Date: 2021

Cover: Paperback

Language: English


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