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Cooking Without Barriers

Cooking Without Barriers

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Filled with over 40 mouth-watering, easy to follow recipes, Cooking Without Barriers is a cookbook with a cause! 

Through contributing their favourite recipes our children have experienced the joy of sharing food and cooking for others. They are learning an incredibly valuable lesson: that you are never too small, too young or too insignificant to help; and there are so many that are in need of our help and prayers. 

All profits raised from this book will go towards feeding hungry children around the world. 

A World Without Barriers is an independent charity that is focused on helping everyone on the basis of humanity. There is no differentiation on the grounds of faith, race, culture, tradition, or colour. We are part of one humanity; sharing the same planet, a planet that if you were to observe from space, has no barriers. 

The story

After watching video after video, seeing image after image of hungry children around the world, a group of mums came together to do something to help.
They got their kids involved in a project to create a cookbook with their favourite dishes. The aim is to inspire other children to try different foods, and to raise money to buy essential supplies for children who have no food at all.
So please support the children of the world by buying your copy today.


Who this book will help

With the money raised, A World Without Barriers will feed orphans and hungry children around the world; provide families with essential food items in exchange for taking their children out of child labour and put them in school and by building wells, planting trees and providing familes with sustainable food sources.




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