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House of Sorrows - A Translation of Baytul Ahzan

House of Sorrows - A Translation of Baytul Ahzan

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In utter grief and sorrow, she made her way to the grave of the Noble Prophet and broke down in tears saying, "After your death, our rights have been trampled upon; our rights were denied...However O Prophet! I do not weep at your grave because of what I have personally suffered, but rather due to my separation from you!"

She also wept for political reasons. However, she refused to weep privately - she wept publicly and openly. She wept at home, in the streets, in the Masjid and in the graveyard - she was making a political statement - something is wrong in the system! Her passionate pleas wherever she went and to whomsoever she met were always the same: "We have tried our best to correct the state of affairs - we brought forth proofs but the people rejected them; we tried to educate and remind the Muhajireen and the Ansar about the plight of the situation of the community, however they gave us a deaf ear. In private they gave us their support, but in public they were not ready to hold their pledge - so where do we go now?"

It is at this point that the demand came from various quarters for her to stop crying. She was told, "Don't cry day and night; don't cry every day; don't start a commotion within the society! People will  begin to ask, 'What is wrong with the only daughter of the final Prophet that she is crying incessantly!' She must stop crying and if this is not possible, then tell her to cry only once in a while..."

She replied, "I am not going to olive long. My departure is very soon, but i swear by God that I will not keep silent - if this is the only way that I can protest the persecution and wrongdoing against the Prophet's legacy, then this is what I will continue to do."

Her husband built her a small abode outside of the city of Madinah and daily, she went to this "House of Sorrows" with her children to cry and lament until death overtook her...

Author: Shaykh Abbas al-Qummi

Translator: Aejaz Ali Turab Husain (Al-Husainee)

ISBN: 9780980948721

Publication Date: 2022

Cover: Paperback

Language: English

Pages: 294

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