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Tawheed Institute Australia Ltd

In Allamah’s Presence

In Allamah’s Presence

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Compiled by:  Muhammad Husayn Rukhsand
Translated by: Tawus Raja
Published by Tawheed Institute Australia

The book is quite diverse in terms of its contents for it covers a variety of topics pertaining to the Islamic belief system, the Qur’an, Hadith, history and self-purification. As the questions from students are from different sessions, the readers can go to sections that they find interesting without missing the context.

Subjects discussed are Theology & Monotheism, Creation of the world & Humankind, Determination & Free will, Revelation & Prophethood, The previous Prophets & Religion, Prophet Muhammad, The Imams, Ethics & Mysticism, Supplication & Prayers.

Pages: 178
ISBN: 9780992 466367

Author: Muhammad Husayn Rukhsand

Translator: Tawus Raja


Publication Date:

Cover: Paperback

Language: English


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