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Introduction to Logic: As Developed by Muslim Logicians

Introduction to Logic: As Developed by Muslim Logicians

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Aspiring Islamic scholars have long studied logic as a foundational subject in their curriculum. Until now, quality textbooks on logic as developed by Muslim logicians have been unavailable in English. This textbook is a translation of a contemporary work on logic, ‘Ilm al-Mantiq, which in turn is based on the renowned Muhammad Rida al-Muzaffar’s al-Mantiq.

The writing is clear, with key Arabic terms in Arabic transliteration. To further facilitate learning, the work includes exercises, lesson objectives, and illustrations. It deals with topics ranging from conception, judgment, and signification to the four relations, the five universals, and the definition of propositions, contradiction, and syllogism.

Author: Sayyid Ali Murtada

Translation: Mohammad Mehdi Baghi

Cover: Paperback

Author: Sayyid Ali Murtada


ISBN: 9781907905278

Publication Date: 2016

Cover: Paperback

Language: English

Pages: 298

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