Islam and Natural Law
Islam and Natural Law

Islam and Natural Law

The Islamic College

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Aristotle, Kant, Marx, and Tabari are only a few of the many world thinkers whom Abul-Fazl Ezzati explores in his sweeping history and analysis of natural law. While this work distinguishes itself from other similar works by its detailed treatment of natural law in Islamic thought, it engages with both Islamic and Western discourse, with topics such as human rights, the inherent human nature, and rationality. The result is an insightful, all-encompassing treatment of human rights and the human being’s physical, rational, emotional, and spiritual needs.

Abul-Fazl Ezzati was born in Iran in 1932. In addition to teaching Islamic studies at universities in Tehran, London, and the United States, he has written several books on Islam, some of which have been translated into Arabic, Turkish, Hausa, Russian, Spanish, and Persian.

Author: A. Ezzati

Cover: Paperback

Author A. Ezzati
ISBN 9781904063056
Publication Year 2003
Cover Paperback
Language English
Pages 228