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Islamic Beliefs and Practices

Islamic Beliefs and Practices

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Islamic Beliefs and Practices answers some of the most common yet unfounded accusations that are levelled by Salafis against the beliefs and practices of Sunnis and Shi’a alike, such as tawassul and shifā’a. The answers to these common accusations are comprehensively and succinctly tackled using both rational and scriptural proofs in a simple and coherent manner, leaving no room for any counter-response. 

Islamic Beliefs and Practices will enhance the reader’s understanding of many verses of the Holy Quran and familiarise the reader with many important prophetic hadith reports that are the foundation of the Sunni and Shi’a common creedal heritage. This book came avout because of the endless questions posed by people afflicted with the Salafist mindset to Sunni and Shi’a pilgrims to the Baqī Cemetery in Medina. As such, it is an excellent resource for Sunni and Shi’a Muslims of all ages in their efforts at understanding the rational and scriptural bases of their common beliefs and practices. 




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