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The Muhammadi Trust

Kitab Al-Irshad: The Book of Guidance

Kitab Al-Irshad: The Book of Guidance

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This is the earliest surviving history of the Twelve Imams who are revered in Shi’a Islam as the primary sources of religious guidance after the passing away of the Prophet (saw). Written by one of the most prolific authors of the medieval period, this work offers a brief account of the circumstances pertaining to the function of the imamate and the manner of its transmission, set within a comprehensive account of each of these twelve towering personalities. The first half of the work is devoted to the first Imam, Ali b. Abi Talib. It provides, in addition, a fascinating insight into the religious and social circumstances of these first centuries of Islam.

Author: Shaykh al-Mufid

Translated by: I.K.A. Howard

ISBN: 0 907794 00 9

Binding: Hardback with dust jacket

Publisher: Muhammadi Trust

First Published: 1981

Size: 136mm x 214mm

Pages: 676

Preface: S.H. Nasr

Weight: 1 Kg



ISBN: 9780907794004

Publication Date:

Cover: Hardcover



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