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Moral Management

Moral Management

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The purpose of management is to: “Provide direction, gain commitment, facilitate change and achieve results through the efficient, creative and responsive deployment of people and other resources” and in the system of management envisioned by Islam, this is a very weighty responsibility. However, the rewards are equally as great because administration and management are considered to be Divine Trusts - they are not mere professions - and it is for this reason that such an obligation cannot be given to those who are not qualified for it. 

Within its teachings, Islam holds the keys to guidance for management and administration in which a person can be morally and ethically sound, while at the same time getting the job done - right.

In an age of economic uncertainty, intriguing scandals, corporate fraud and the swindling of billions of dollars from the life savings of people at the hands of corrupt individuals - with little to no accountability for their actions - more and more, society needs to look towards the progressive and innovative teachings of Islam which are highlighted in this book, and adopt the rules on how to govern their daily activities and successfully guide others as well. 

Author: Abbas Rahimi


ISBN: 9780980948738

Publication Date: 2011

Cover: Paperback

Language: English


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