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Morality - A Quranic Perspective

Morality - A Quranic Perspective

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The realisation of perfection is a goal ingrained in every human’s primordial build (fitrah). However, the path to this perfection is often marred by obstacles both from within and without, hindering progress. A more difficult path is attaining moral perfection, which often entails fighting against ones of, ego, and often cultural and societal norms. 

This book Morality: A Quran perspective, is a collection and categorisation of verses from the Holy Quran that pertain to this divine struggle (jihad al-akbar), guiding the reader gently through the fundamental aspects of this struggle and how to overcome it. Each verse contains a brief commentary that exposes the profound meanings.

This book is written for both young and old as a handy daily  reminder of overcoming struggles and choosing a more Godly path. It is also highly recommended for parents and teachers, to inculcate these divine values in younger children. 




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