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One State: The Only Democratic Future for Palestine-Israel

One State: The Only Democratic Future for Palestine-Israel

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‘An intelligent, sensitive writer’-- Financial Times

‘Her bold vision of a single egalitarian state is the only way to break the current log jam’-- Nur Masalha, author of Palestine: A Four Thousand Year History

In 1948, Ghada Karmi and her family in Jerusalem were among the hundreds of thousands of Palestinians who were exiled during the creation of the state of Israel. She has since become one of the most vocal proponents of the single democratic state in Palestine-Israel.

In this book, Karmi powerfully argues that a democratic one-state settlement is the best possible route to a just future for all concerned, including Palestinian refugees.

Uniting the land – from the Mediterranean Sea to the River Jordan – and allowing the Palestinian right of return is the only way to end the exclusive and antidemocratic character of the Israeli state.

Ghada Karmi was born in Jerusalem. Forced from her home during the Nakba, she later trained as a Doctor of Medicine at Bristol University. She established the first British-Palestinian medical charity in 1972 and was an Associate Fellow at the Royal Institute for International Affairs. Her previous books include the best-selling memoir In Search of Fatima.

Author: Ramzy Baroud


ISBN: 978-0745337999

Publication Date: 20 Feb. 2018

Cover: Paperback

Language: English

Pages: 296

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