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Our Beliefs: Questions and Answers

Our Beliefs: Questions and Answers

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In an era where the tendrils of Wahhabism are stretching across the globe, sowing seeds of distrust and discord, a rising tide of uncertainty has begun to unsettle young Muslims – particularly those residing in the West. These youth grapple with mounting questions, skepticism, and misconceptions about their faith due to the pervasive influence of distorted theologies. Recognizing the urgency of addressing these troubling concerns, these critical inquiries were collated and presented to a panel of esteemed jurists.

Each inquiry received an insightful response from the respected religious authority, Āyatullāh Mīrza Jawād Tabrīzī, an acclaimed Marjiʿ Taqlīd and an esteemed tutor of advanced religious studies. With robust scientific underpinnings and unwavering conviction, Āyatullāh Tabrīzī provides enlightening perspectives and clear-cut responses to quell the rising tide of doubt.

This book is the compilation of Āyatullāh Tabrīzī's illuminating responses, designed to guide the reader through these complex debates. By sharing his wisdom, readers are empowered with a better understanding of their faith, grounding them in the face of rising global unrest. Whether a believer is searching for clarity or a keen observer intrigued by the dynamics of faith, this book promises to enlighten, inspire, and fortify one's spiritual journey.


Author: Ayatullah Mirza Jawad Tabrizi


ISBN: 9781956276404

Publication Date: 2023

Cover: Paperback

Language: English

Pages: 150

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