Peace Be Upon Ibrahim 1 & 2

Peace Be Upon Ibrahim 1 & 2


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This is a purchase for both volumes of "Peace Be Upon Ibrahim'.

These are stories of wisdom and sacrifice from the life of Shaheed Ibrahim Hadi who was a martyr in the Sacred Defence during the Iran-Iraq war.

Translated by Sayyid Haydar Jamaludeen

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Amazing work done by the Translator.

A role model and a brother

I can't express the value of this book enough. Martyr Ibrahim Hadi has changed the lives of many in my Muslim community here in the UK. Although we haven't met, I consider him a role model, a brother.

Martyr Ibrahim Hadi's life and death, are ones of piety, noble manners, and justice; premises the Iranian Revolution were built upon. In him, one can see see the true spirit of the Iranian Revolution. Focusing on one man with the greatest of manners, it swiftly punches through any propaganda which clouds the issue, striking at the heart of why the Iranian Revolution musters up such a large support base; ideals of justice come to fruition.

Whilst reading this book I often reflected on situations around me, asking myself "what would Ibrahim do?". He devoted his life and death to helping others and serving Allah, and after his death he continues to be a lamp of guidance in the gloom of the 21st century.

I highly recommend reading this for the Muslims to have true role models and a clearer perception of what's important in this life. Thank you to everyone who recommended this book to me.

Inspiring the youth

This is an excellent work done by the translator. It is needed for our youth, in these challenging times.


Excellent book, fell in love with the character straight away.
Helped me to understand the meaning of what it is to be a Muslim.

Order confirmation

It's been almost 2 weeks ago since I bought Peace Be upon Ibrahim 1& 2 but I haven't got any order confirmation nor have I get the books I bought.