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Peshawar Nights

Peshawar Nights

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When a young scholar from Iran visits the city of Peshawer (in now eastern Pakistan), he Is invited by the great Sunni scholars of the time to answer allegations of the Shia creedal beliefs and practices. Over ten nights, this an erudite and incredibly well-versed young scholar, Sultanul Waizin Shirazi, eloquently exposes the true Islam and the false memes levelled against the Shia, mesmerising the audience with his in-depth knowledge of the books of the Sunni schools of thought and the Holy Quran.

In these ten short nights, with his cogent arguments, sharp wit, and mastery of theology, he manages to convince the audience of the veracity of the Shia school of thought and the very Sunni scholars making the accusations.

This book, Peshawer nights, is a collection of the discussions that were originally published as a periodical in Farsi by reporters who recorded the event. The compilation presented here remains an indelible legacy of the culture of scholarship in the Shia school, underlining the very core culture, that of the dominance of aql and the excellent manner in exposing the faith and the practice of Islam.

Readers, both young and old, lay and scholars of all persuasions will find this enlightening book, a great source of authentic narrations and Quranic interpretations accepted by both the Sunni and the Shia. Despite being about a century old, the arguments and discussions are as relevant and fresh today as they were then.

Author: Sultan Al-Wa'izin Shirazi


ISBN: 9789644383205

Publication Date: 2001

Cover: Paperback

Language: English

Pages: 517

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