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House of Taha

Stages of Spiritual Growth

Stages of Spiritual Growth

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Stages of Spiritual Growth is an English translation of the original Arabic text of Kitāb al-Insān (published in Beirut in 1989), a mystico-theological treatment of the realm of command (i.e., the non-spatial and atemporal world of angels and human spirits, the life of man in this world, and the human existence after this world.

SAYYID MUHAMMD HUSAYN TABĀTABĀI (1904-1981) was a philosopher, an exegete, and a mystic who left his indelible mark on Muslim scholarship in the twentieth century. As a superb teacher of Islamic sciences, he trained many important scholars and authored the renowned twenty-volume Qur'anic commentary al-Mizān fi Tafsir al-Qur'ān as well as several groundbreaking works on Islamic philosophy and mysticism. Additionally, he wrote numerous books on Shi'a history and doctrine to bring about a better understanding of Shi’ism throughout the world.




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