Temporary Marriage in Islamic Law (Mut’a)

Temporary Marriage in Islamic Law (Mut’a)

The Muhammadi Trust

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The author, a distinguished scholar of Islam, was the first woman to enroll in the graduate programme in Islamic jurisprudence at the faculty of Islamic Theology, Tehran University, in the 1970s. The present monograph is one of the fruits of her research in the field of Fiqh. Temporary Marriage, one of the most controversial themes in comparative jurisprudence in Islam, is here presented in a sound scholarly context; the author highlights in concise and objective fashion the essential legal elements of the debate, drawn from the Qur’an, Hadith and early Islamic history.

Author: Sachiko Murata

ISBN: 9780946079360

Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Muhammadi Trust

First Published: 1987

Size: 148mm x 210mm

Pages: 80

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Author Sachiko Murata
ISBN 9780946079360
Publication Year 1987
Cover Paperback
Language English
Pages 74