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The Blood of God - A Commentary on the Ziyarat of Ashura

The Blood of God - A Commentary on the Ziyarat of Ashura

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"In an hour of a rising consciousness of Husayn as a singular paradigm of justice who transcends all religious and political barriers, Shojaei's work is a welcome addition to the growing corpus about the Imam." - Christopher Clohessy (Catholic priest, lecturer and author on Shi'i Islam)

Fourteen centuries ago on the plains of Karbala, the martyrdom of Husayn, the grandson of Prophet Muhammad, his family members and his loyal companions took place. It was a calamity of such cosmic proportions that all other tragedies in human history pale in comparison to it. 

Since then, Husayn has remained an icon of resistance for all Muslims and even non-Muslims around the world in their fight against the oppressors of their times. Even Mahatma Ghandi professed that he learned from Husayn how to resist colonialism.

This book evokes the sad passages of that tragedy and explains why the bond between the lovers of Husayn and his legacy has gone from strength to strength in history to the point that in our time every year tens of millions from all over the world flock to his shrine to renew their pact with him and declare their disavowal of tyrants in any place or any era. 

Seyyed Mehdi Shojaei has published over 100 works such as short stories, plays, novels, screenplays, satirical fiction and children's stories. As a trailblazer in the field of modern religious literature, he has left his indelible imprint on contemporary Iranian culture. 

Ali Vazirian is a graphic designer, art director and painter whose work has been exhibited around the world. He is also an award winning director and screenplay writer who has served as a jury at many film festivals. 




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