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Sun Behind the Clouds

The Chosen Names

The Chosen Names

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The Chosen Names is a poetic exploration of sixteen unassailable personalities from the Household of Mohammed (saw), from the Prophet himself to the awaited Saviour. It is an etymological deep dive into the virtues and divine characteristics of a progeny that is like no other in human history.

Cover art by Ruby Jaffery


“A breath-taking compilation of poems celebrating the lives of God’s most beloved servants. Each sonnet of this book makes the heart yearn to be in the presence of the Prophet and his immaculate family!” Shaykh Azhar Nasser, author and lecturer

“Such a beautiful and emotive piece of work! I love how Taher Adel delves deep into the root meaning and essential attributes of that name.” Nazmina Dhanji, author and founder of Arabiq Online

“The combination of profound linguistics and knowledge enlaced in succinct poetry, makes a beautiful and compelling read.” Saarah Bokhari, author and mentor

These are, quite simply, some of the most beautiful reflections I have read on the precious names of the ahl al-bayt.”Father Christopher Clohessy, author and lecturer

“A triumph of literature. You have never read about the Holy Household like this.”Nouri Sardar, author and poet




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