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The Last Luminary and Ways to Delve into the Light

The Last Luminary and Ways to Delve into the Light

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A figure more legendary than that of Imam al-Mahdi. The awaited Saviour, has not been seen in the history of mankind. The threads of the world events have woven many a fine design in human life, but the pattern of The Mahdi stands high above every other pattern. He has been the vision of the visionaries in history; he has been the dream of all dreamers of the world, and for the ultimate salvation of mankind, he is the Pole Star of hope on which the gaze of humanity is firmly fixed.

Indeed, it is only Islam that has given the abstract idea of an "Awaited Saviour" a concrete shape.

Author: Sayyid Ridha Husayni Mutlaq


ISBN: 9780980948707

Publication Date: 2008

Cover: Paperback

Language: English

Pages: 312

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