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The Mahdi and Islamic Messianism

The Mahdi and Islamic Messianism

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The belief in an awaited saviour who will bring peace and justice to the whole world is universal. However, the characteristics, identity, and nature of such a person is often disputed. The Mahdi and Islamic Messianism is comprised of three essays which explore these issues systematically, and conclude that the awaited universal saviour or ‘The Mahdi’ is none other than the 12th Imam of the Shia, the son of Imam Hasan al-Askari (AS), and that Islamic Messianism in its most perfect form is that which has been taught to us by the Holy Prophet and his Purified and Infallible Household. 

The first essay outlined the theological and rational foundations for belief in the Mahdi and the Mahdism as expound d upon by Ayatollah Mutahhari. The second essay focuses on a critical and in-depth analysis of the scriptural proofs of the identity and nature of the Mahdi. The final essay collates all the primary Hadith sources from Sunni scholarship that discuss the details of the rank, station, atributes and character of the Imām al-Mahdī. 

The Mahdi and Islamic Messianism lays the foundation of an unshakable belief in the Imam of our era, and is recommended for anyone who wishes to attain to certain knowledge of their Imam. 




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