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Sun Behind the Clouds

The School of Doctor Bahlool

The School of Doctor Bahlool

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There once was a man in Baghdad,

Who went by the name of Bahlool.

To save his life from the evil king,

He used to act the fool.


Yet he taught his lessons in such a way,

That the stories have been retold.

His school has remained open,

And more valuable than gold!


The humorous stories of Bahlool as told and re-told by madrasah teachers and speakers for generations have given us a glimpse of what it means to be a loyal companion of an Imam.

This book attempts to bring some of those stories to life in a way that children can relate to. It was inspired by a little child’s love for poetry and the need to offer the children in our community a fun book of rhymes that imparts valuable gems found within our faith.

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