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Towards a Happy Family

Towards a Happy Family

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Highlighting the family's significance in Islamic law and the Noble Qurʾān, the book addresses challenges that threaten family peace, like mental distractions and societal influences. It also explores the individual's role in positively impacting their community, including relatives, neighbors, and co-workers.

The book criticizes neglecting familial duties in pursuit of personal spiritual goals, advocating for a balanced approach to life's responsibilities. It connects practical faith with daily actions and relationships, emphasizing comprehensive obedience to God.

'Towards a Happy Family' equips readers with skills for effective interpersonal dealings, fostering a positive presence within both immediate and extended social circles. The ultimate aim is to cultivate a 'sound heart,' as emphasized in the Noble Qurʾān, leading to true success and fulfillment. This guide serves as a call to action for anyone seeking to enhance their family life and social interactions, offering guidance for personal and communal growth through the teachings of the Fourteen Infallibles.

Author: Shaykh Habib al-Kazimi


ISBN: 1956276459

Publication Date: Nov 2023

Cover: Paperback

Language: English

Pages: 348

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