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Weapon of the Believer

Weapon of the Believer

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“O’ God, You have given me the permission to invoke You and beseech You; so listen, O’ Hearer of my words of praise; and give, O’ the Most Merciful, a favourable reply to my supplication; and minimize, O’ the Oft-Forgiving, my falling into misery.

O’ God! Indeed Your forgiveness of my sins; Your overlooking of my faults; Your pardoning of my oppression; Your hiding of my ugly deeds and Your forbearing my many wrong actions done - both unintentionally or intentionally - tempted me to ask from You that which I did not deserve from You. However, You still gave me out of Your Mercy; provided me by Your Power; and made known to me (what I requested from You) by Your answering [of my supplication].

I have not seen a more generous Master, patient with a wretched slave than You are with me! My Lord! You call upon me and I turn away from You; You show affection to me and I show hatred towards You; You display Your love to me and I do not respond to You, as though I am greater than You...”

Du‘a al-Iftitaah

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