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Sun Behind the Clouds

Yasser and Zahra investigate what happened after Ashura

Yasser and Zahra investigate what happened after Ashura

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“Grandfather, what happened to the Ahlulbayt after Imam Husayn was killed?” Yasser asked. “What happened to his children, to Lady Zainab, to Imam Sajjad…?”
Zahra was not sure she wanted to know what had happened next. Grandfather’s face told her that it would be even sadder than what they had already witnessed last year. Yasser had a very different look on his face. He seemed to be bubbling with anticipation at the thought of investigating more.

They both watched Grandfather keenly, but for once he seemed hesitant to speak. “Yasser…Zahra… my dear children, the Ahlulbayt suffered terribly at the hands of some very evil people. If you take this journey, you must be prepared to witness many scenes that will change your lives forever. The atrocities the Ahlulbayt faced are beyond anything anyone has ever faced, but their courage, strength and unshakeable faith were also astonishing. Are you ready to see all that?”
Yasser and Zahra did not hesitate and nodded in unison.

They were ready. “In that case,” Grandfather said, “let me tell you a story…”





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