About House of Taha

Founded in 2021, House of Taha is an online Shia Islamic bookshop based in the UK that offers quality Shia Islamic books in the English language to customers worldwide.

We are on a mission to bring the rich tradition of Shia Islamic knowledge to your fingertips. We are dedicated to providing easy access to a wide range of books that promote spiritual growth and understanding.

Our shelves house a comprehensive selection of Shia Islamic literature, including theological texts, historical accounts, philosophical works, and spiritual guides, catering to a global audience. You can also find other great products such as perfumes, clothing, and accessories at House of Taha.

Explore the vast world of Shia Islamic literature right from your home. House of Taha is your trusted companion on your quest for spiritual enlightenment and knowledge of Shia Islam. 

If you have any enquiries, please message us through Whatsapp on +44 7990 774335 or use our contact page to email us.