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Adventures of a Qur'anic Family

Adventures of a Qur'anic Family

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Suitable for children aged 3-7 years old.

How great would it be if we, as families, could learn at least some of the verses from the Holy Qur'an and apply them in our daily situations. This would be a big step in helping our children to understand the Holy Book and apply its teachings in their lives, thus utilising the Qur'an for what it is meant for.

In this series of short stories, meet a Muslim family who try to do exactly that. Follow the adventures of Maryam (3 years), Muhammad (6 years) and Fatima (8 years) as they try their best to learn and apply simple but effective Qur'anic verses in their daily lives. The book also includes lots of tips and innovative ideas to teach your children more about the Holy Book.


About the Authors

Fatema Gulamhussein, Shaheen Merali and Nazmina Virjee are three mothers who live and work in London. Fatema taught History at a local secondary school, she is now an editor for Muslim Mums Magazine. Shaheen runs a children's Islamic library and 'Buzz Ideazz'. Her previous best selling publications include From Marriage to Parenthood, which she co-wrote with her husband and was published by IEB. Nazmina is the Head of Arabic at the Al-Mahdi Institute and has translated many of Islam's most treasured classical texts including Combat with the Self and The Scale of Wisdom, both published by ICAS Press.




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